Within Chinese medicine, arthritic conditions fall into a category called Bi syndrome (painful joints). It is characterized by the invasion of some combination of wind cold and/or damp which obstructs the flow of Chi (vital energy) and blood through the channels. It is the obstruction of the flow of Chi and blood which causes pain. The particular combination of “pathogenic factors” is determined by the patient’s signs and symptoms, and the disease is classified but which pathogenic factor predominates.

Moving Bi (wind predominant)

moving Bi is characterized by widespread pain in the joints which moves from one area one other and is usually accompanied by  joint stiffness. there is often fever and chills and a rapid pulse.

Painful Bi (Cold Predominant)

painful B is characterized by severe pain in one point or area of the body which is worse when exposed to cold and relieved with warmth.

Fixed Bi ( Damp Predominant)

fixed Bi is characterized by pain which does not move. It is often accompanied by numbness, edema, and a feeling of heaviness in the body and limbs. Attacks are often triggered by cloudy or damp weather ( changes in barometric pressure).

Hot Bi ( Heat Predominant)

This occurs when heat accompanies wind and damp or when during the course of the disease the cold transforms into heat. This condition is characterized by  joint pain with local redness, swelling, and tenderness. The flesh is hot to the touch. There is often fever rapid pulse, thirst and/or constipation this pattern is characteristic of a flareup of rheumatoid arthritis.

Heart Blockage –

heart blockage is caused if the disorder is prolonged, then it may enter the internal organs and cause the blood to coagulate and result in circulatory Disturbances. This is characterized by an uncomfortable and congested feeling in the chest, palpitations,, asthmatic panning and irritability.

Treatment is aimed at eliminating the pathogenic factors( i.e. wind old and eat etc.)  through the use of acupuncture, moxibustion (heat: use for cold and damp types), and Chinese Herbal Formulas in order torestore the proper circulation of Qi and blood in the affected area. Chinese herbs are especially important for the weaker patient because an inadequate supply of qi and/or blood will also lead to stagnation much like in an adequate supply of water in a river or stream will lead the water stagnating in pools. Chinese herbs do a much better job of replenishing Qi and blood than acupuncture or moxibustion can.

Osteoarthritis is usually easy to treat and most patients experienced a noticeable improvement with the very first treatment. As treatment progresses the improvement becomes more dramatic and longer-lasting the ultimate treatment outcome depends largely on the duration and extent of the disease acupuncture cannot regenerate deteriorated joints and is used to best advantage as a preventive measure in the earlier stages of the disease will help prevent it from progressing into its more Debilitating stages. Even so severe and operable the generated joints such as ended shoulder can be successfully treated to reduce pain and increased mobility and thus improve the quality of life (sometimes dramatically).