Fibromyalgia is one side of a coin with the other side being Chronic Fatigue.  One side pain is the dominant symptom, the other, fatigue is the dominant symptom. Fibromyalgia seems to usually  start with a severe trauma that takes a long time to heal from. Pain usually causes fatigue. Moreover, in Chinese medicine, fatigue can cause qiu stagnation witch can cause pain. So the body can be caught in a vicious cycle. I have found that acupuncture can relieve both the fatigue and pain when performed properly. For example, I discovered quite by accident that there is an inflammatory component that one ppoint in particular helps with pain throughout the body. Also, you can’t treat all the pain areas in one treatment with body points because the fatigue won’t permit it. Ear points are better since they don’t cause as much fatigue. Then there 2 points in particular which are very good at relieving the fatigue. I have found that after 2 or 3 treatments they last at least 1 month if not longer.