andPains of Unknown Origins

Aches and pains of unknown origins can be diagnosed and treated with Chinese medicine because we have a different way to diagnose than Western medicine. In addition I have a better understanding of how acupuncture works than most acupuncturists. In fact one cause of pain can be poor circulation of extracellular fluid. Since I know that the meridians (or channels) are associated with the circulation of extracellular fluid (especially during periods of rest or activity) and how acupuncture can influence that flow. In fact I had a patient I treated that had pain her lower legs that kept her up at night. Western medical doctors (diagnosed as Peripheral Neuropathy) and another acupuncturist couldn’t figure out what was going on nor could come up with a treatment that did any good but I did and got improvement in the first treatment! So you see, my understanding of western and Chinese medicine as well as my understanding of bio-electricity as well as my understanding of how acupuncture really works gives me the ability to diagnose and treat conditions that leave others scratching their head.