Spine Pain

top band of the gluteal muscleSpine pain includes neck pain, thoracic pain and low back pain.

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is usually due to irritation of the nerve roots (usually L4 and/or L5 but I have found that it can also include irritation at the Sacroiliac (SI) joint.All of these causes are best (and most quickly) treated with my anti-inflammation electro-acupuncture treatment.If you’ve had it for a while, you might also experience pain in your butt ass well. That is because pain causes muscles in the area of pain to get tight.  in the case of low back painthe top than that of the gluteal muscle gets tight. So your butt hurts. When muscles get tight their attachments to bone are usually where the pain is most noticeable so in this case that’s at the border of the sacrum and the other end of the muscle where it attaches to the great trochanter at your hip.So usually I treat that as well. The treatment being anti-inflammatory treatments at the attachments and then a needle in the belly of the muscle at a point I found really helps to relax the muscle.since the pain is where the belt goes, I also treat the Di Meyer belt channel now use the 2.6 control that.

Neck and Thoracic Pain

Neck pain is is often characterized by tight neck muscles, tender nerve roots, and sometimes tender at ligaments between the vertebrae. Usually the irritation is inflammation.As before, all of these causes are best (and most quickly) treated with my anti-inflammation electro-acupuncture treatment. There are also points that help relax the muscles of the spine.

Another thing I think you should  know. That is the effect that chronic inflammation can do. Inflammation is associated with negative charge. That accumulation of negative charge can do several things, two in particular. First is bone responds to negative charge by making more bone at the site of charge accumulation which more often than not results in a bone spur. Second is a polarization of nearby tissues. Most often this results in the disk material becoming electro-positive. Electro-positivity is associated with degeneration. So the disk nearest the inflammation begins degenerating. So if you don’t treat your spinal pain, you run the risk getting either a bone spur or a degenerative disk later in life.