Tedonitis happens when a tendon becomes irritated usually by friction usually by rubbing on a bone protuberance. The most typical is Lateral or Medial Tendonitis (pain on the inner or outer elbow). The key is finding where the irritation is. Being an Electrical Engineer as well as an acupuncturist, I have developed an electro-acupuncture technique that works as good as cortisone but uses electricity instead of drugs. You also do not have the limitation of only 3 treatments. You can repeat treatments as long as necessary. You can cause problems if done improperly, however. Other acupuncturists don’t know how to do this treatment unless they were taught by me or figured it out themselves. Once the problem area is found (usually where there is quite a lot of pain when palpated), the pain will diminish with each treatment. A typical case will usually take 4 treatments. The more severe the inflamation, the more treatments it will take.  With Lateral Epicondylitis, there are usually 2 or 3 tender spots on the tendon. I also use needles to relax muscles in the forearm which causes the tendon to rub against the bone. I also use heat on the forearm to help relax the muscles. Here is an example of where heat helps with treating inflammation which is usually not the case.