Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is a condition where there is a narrowing of the space that the spinal cord goes through. It turns out that acupuncture can help.  The Chinese view is to treat the blockage in qi flow up and down the spine using points along the spine and points that help control the qi flow up and down the body. My view from a more scientific point of view is that most of the causes of the condition are themselves caused by chronic inflammation if the nerves coming out from the spine that wasn’t adequately treated! You see, inflammation is associated with inflammation and bone grows  when negatively charged and current flow through a ligament will cause it to thicken. In addition, the negativity at the nerve root can also cause nearby structures to become polarized (becoming positively charged) which then causes degeneration. In this case, it causes degenerarion of the disk. So treating spine pain (caused by inflamed nerve roots) is important to prevent degenerative discs, formation of bone spurs, or thickened ligaments that are often the cause of spinal stenosis. A special form of electro-acupuncture that I have developed works as well as cortisone to relieve inflammation without the restrictions.