Lyn M.

I had sciatica and in just three treatments I was back to running and dancing again.


thank you so much for curing my hyperthyroidism.


I had a great experience! My left foot now feels warm again!

Karina F.

I’m afraid of needles but I love coming here. The needles are very very thin and don’t bother me and I feel great when I leave.

Dave Y.

I have a condition called trichotillomania where I pull my hair out when I get stressed. I’ve had it all my life and it runs in the family. I saw mark at my wife’s suggestion after he helped her with her back pain. Marks treatments are very effective at treating my OCD behavior and without the muddled thinking that the drugs caused! I’ve been seeing him for many years now and I always feel great after each treatment. For the past several years I only have to see him every month or two to keep my stress in check.

Roxanne P.

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy after a surgery on 11/11. Neither the doctors I saw nor another acupuncturist I saw could do anything for it nor could they tell me what was causing it. A friend told me about Mark. Since I was desperate since it was bothering my sleep too, I went to see him. He gave me an explanation that made sense and He said that if he was right his proposed treatment should help. So I let him try it. And he was right, I saw improvement after the first treatment! That was the first time I have had any relief since it started! And with subsequent treatments, it continued to  improve.