Joint Pain

Joint Pain can have many causes. The key to successful treatment is figuring out what the cause is. If there is a slight tear in the meniscus, it can be treated with the proper form of electro-acupuncture. If it is a severe tear, it will  probably need surgery. If it is only irritated and inflamed, then it can usuallybe treated with acupuncture. But a quicker and more effective treatment is a form of electro-acupuncture that I have developed that works similar to cortisone without the downsides when done properly. For example, you are limited to 3 cortisone shots, but you can do my treatment as much as needed, soif you’re having trouble finding the exact spot that is inflamed, you won’t be limited by how many treatments you can do.

If it is a torn tendon, the same holds true as stated in the previous paragraph. Another cause of pain in a joint can be at the attachment of tendon to bone. If it is just inflamed(which is often the case), then my anti-inflammation treatment will work fine. If the atachment is torn severely or completely, then surgury is the only solution. For the knee you must look at problems with the gait as a possible cause.

Another possible cause can be irritation or tear in the labrum. That would be treated similar to a tendon.

Of course, one common cause of joint pain in older people is arthritis.

The severity of the problem will determine how  many treatments will  be required.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulders can be difficult since by the time a patient come in, the problem is usually severe since it is a non-weight-Bering joint. but I have had success treating shoulder pain. Often it is due to irritation or a tear so how much help I can provide depends on the severity of the problem.

Knee Pain

If the problem is the knee and it is due to a problem with the ACL tendon, the problem is getting to it because of it’s location.

Hip Pain

Hip pain (often felt as pain in the butt) can be due to irritation of the sciatic nerve instead of a joint problem. Hip pain usually is pain at the great trochanter (the bony prominence on the side of the hip) It is often caused by tight butt muscles in which case you will also see pain at the other attachment at the sacrum.By relaxing the muscle and getting rid of the irritation (usually inflammation) at the attachments,you will get rid of that pain. Sometimes  the pain is at the joint itself. See above for treatment of that.